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Advance Keylogger

Want to know what happens on your PC when you are not at Home? Find Out! What your employees do on Company PC during office timing? Want to check your child`s web-surfing activities or with whom he/she is chatting?

Most prominent and reliable Advanced Keylogger Software offers perfect solution for monitoring overall PC activities of any user, in your absence. Award-winning utility records entire system and internet activities including online Voice chat conversations, Website visited, Captures visited Screenshots, Clipboard entries and other similar computer usage. Rich featured PC surveillance tool tracks entire system activities including typed Keystrokes, Sound clips, send Emails and even changes made in system date/time. Undetectable keylogging recording tool saves entire PC usage in an encrypted log file which is automatically sent to administrator specified e-mail address or upload using FTP server settings.

Effective Computer activity logger efficiently records entire active/inactive Windows applications executed on Desktop and easily detects how your PC is used when you are not around. Password protected feature of advanced keylogger helps in restricting unauthorized user to change software configuration settings. Windows Keylogger software allows you to secretly record activities of PC users and helps in monitoring children activities or catching a cheating spouse doing any restricted internet activities. PC monitoring software helps Company managers to secretly keep eye over the entire employee`s computer working during office timing.

Price: Just $49
Advance Keylogger

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