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Accounting Solutions :-

We provide solutions in accounting and financial services industries to automate the entire accounting process in few mouse clicks. Software saves time and increase productivity by allowing your business accountants to maintain company financial records in computerized manner.

Customer Management :-

Customer Management allows you to better keep track and take care of your customer, clients and vendors information in all small or large business organizations. The automated accounting program summarizes all your key customer, vendors detail at one place. You can easily access the customer profile including name, phone numbers, contacts, email, billing and shipping address, and more in just one click. The accounting software package helps you in providing a better service to clients and is a great asset to your rapidly growing business.

Inventory Management :-

Basic accounting utility is designed to manage the complex tasks with ease while providing the inventory control for your business organization. The advanced integrated financial program keeps a full detailed history of stock movement and changes to product information or orders thus facilitate the cause of tracking down the errors. The organizational inventory tracer is a fast, flexible and an exclusive suite of comprehensive inventory control and management software applications for all types of large or small commercial enterprises.

Sale and Purchase Management :-

Best accounting utility facilitates an easy monitoring of all the incoming and outgoing orders and helps in proper management of sale and purchase department of your various business enterprises. The simple accounting system automatically and accurately manages the purchase order, purchase request, payment/receipt vouchers, sale order, billing records and many more. The dynamic retail management system helps you to quickly check and organize the retail and finance of your business in just few easy steps.

Tax Management :-

Customized office accounting software efficiently manages the sale and purchase tax records of your business organization including tax type (sale/purchase), tax name, region (local/central) and taxation type in an easy way. The professional financial program helps you to improve the completeness, clarity, quality and reliability of your tax information by making accurate and brief billing records of all your day to day transactions. The smart accounting package enables your company to better monitor and manage the taxes and helps in confident decision making.

Report Generation :-

Account managing program utility facilitates an accurate calculation of ledger records including the Balance sheets, Profit and Loss records, Billing details, Trial Balance, Day book, Cash book, Bank book, Journal book, Stock and Sale report, etc. The advanced custom accounting wizard facilitates a quick and easy analysis of annual financial records of your business and presents clear and concise accounting report. The easiest business software provides an electronic bill generation facility and an alternative solution to complicated pen-paper based financial tasks.